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Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting will be on limited hours the weeks of Oct. 3-15 and Oct. 31-Nov. 8 as we will be providing coverage for USA Speedskating as they prepare for the ISU World Cup

Top Notch

Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting, LLC is the only physical therapy provider in Madison to have worked the United State Olympic Committee. We utilize state of the art technology and research supported treatment options to get you better faster!


Therapeutic Exercise


During the initial evaluation at Madison Physical Therapy, your strength will be assessed. Any deficits or areas of weakness can contribute to muscle imbalance or injury. Improving those strength deficits will ensure that you are less likely to having recurring injury or problems in the future. Unlike standard physical therapy clinics, we have specialized equipment to help you gain strength with decreased load and damage to muscle fibers. This can be helpful in post-operative protocols where minimizing tissue stress is key to healing. Through use of this specialized strengthening tool, we are able to initiate strengthening earlier in the rehab process faster than any other clinic locally. 


Therapeutic Exercise may take the form of: 

    -Stretching tight tissues or muscle

    -Mobilizing a nerve

    -Joint mobilization

    -Strengthening weak muscles to avoid areas of compensation


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